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Vintage Crates Two Year Anniversary: Year Two (Complete)

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Side A:

1. Intro

The Boogie Times (Boogie Funk)
2. Lotti G- What’s It Worth
3. UK Players- No Way Out

Highlife (Disco)
4. The Sparkles- Trying To Get Over
5. Brief Encounter- Rocking

Nova’s Selects
6. Taj Mahal- Why?…And We Repeat Why?…And We Repeat!
7. Stop- I Can Feel It

Legends Of The True-School (Early Era Hip-Hop)
8. Family- Family Rap
9. The Flame & Dynamite Three- Work Your Body

Uptown Saturday Night (Funk)
10. The Notations- Super People
11. Bobby Williams- Funky Superfly (Part 1)

Mind Trip (International)
12. Karma- Blusa De Linho
13. Webert Sicot- Deux Guidons

Congo Ritmo (Congolese Rumba & Soukous)
14. Bantous De La Capitale- Bantous De La Capitale
15. Kabaselle w/ Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo- Besame Mucho Jaquelina

Rhythmes Africains (Various African)
16. Vincent N’Guini & Afro-Train- Ode To Hendrix
17. Rail Band- Nanthan

Side B:

The Librarian Confessions (Library)
1. Piero Umiliani- Marlowe
2. Anthony King- Filigree

Intermission/Forty Deuce Cinema (OST)
3. Dennis Coffey- Love Theme (Black Belt Jones)
4. Monk Higgins- Three Hoods (Sheba Baby)

La Città del Suono (Euro OST)
5. Francis Lai- Rapt
6. Piero Piccioni- Per Noi Due Soli

Let’s Get Lost (Jazz)
7. Nick Ayoub- Report From Cairo
8. Tenorio Jr- Inutil Paisagem

Fly Me To Brazil
9. Burnier & Cartier- Mirandolina
10. Mario Castro Nieves- Vem Balancar

The Riddim Selector (Reggae)
11. Michael Prophet- You Know I Love You
12. Pat Kelly- Queen Of The Minstrel

[astral projects] Originals
13. Together Brothers- The Next Time
14. Nova- Feelin’ Me
15. Together Brothers- Black Beauty

Up Next:

  • The Boogie Times vol.9 (02/05/11)
  • Nova GuestMix (02/12/11)
  • The Librarian Confessions vol.6 (02/19/11)
  • Mind Trip: Haiti
  • Legends Of The True-School vol.3

Vintage Crates Year Two Coming Soon!

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The second Vintage Crates aniversary “Year Two” is coming this weekend. As with last year’s aniversary, it will be split into two parts: “Side A” (01/22/11), and “Side B” (01/29/11). Each of the two sides will feature joins from each Vintage Crates mini-series: “The Librarian Confessions”, “The Boogie Times”, “Rhythemes Africains”, The Riddim Selector”, “Mind Trip”, “Congo Ritmo”, [astral projects] Originals & more.

Vintage Crates Episode #82: La Città del Suono

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1. Gianni Oddi- Dreaming
2. Piero Piccioni- Nuovo Boom
3. Ennio Morricone- Citta Viva
4. Armando Trovaioli- Vivre Felici
5. Piero Piccioni- La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto
6. Arrmando Trovajoli- Masquerade
7. Vittorio Paltrinieri- Rhythm Of Life
8. Arrmando Trovajoli- Caccia Al Ladro
9. Ennio Moriconne- Agosto Jazz
10. Tito Fontana- Sweeden
11. Piero Piccioni- Genti e Paesi
12. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Roma Bene
13. Armando Trovaioli- La Famiglia Benvenuti
14. Ennio Morricone- Viva Il Jump Up
15. Piero Piccioni- Isabel
16. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Paranagua
17. Piero Piccioni- Samba Della Ruota

Next week’s show is Year Two! The official Vintage Crates anniversary show…more announcements coming soon!

Vintage Crates Episode# 81: Congo Ritmo vol.2: Rumba On The River

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1. OK Jazz- Motema na M.J.
2. Vicky et l’OK Jazz- A Moins Que Namikosa
3. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Linda-Linda
4. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Calu Wa Essous
5. Ry-Co Jazz- Bana Biafra
6. African Rock- Bolingo Etumbu
7. OK Jazz- Montema ya fa fa
8. African Fiesta- Arsene Dionge
9. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Mobembo Mabe Boye
10. Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Rock-a-Mambo
11. Brazzos et l’OK Jazz- Cuidado Cona Mallo
12.Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Nico & Rock-a-Mambo- Li dvo Maravilla
13. Ry-Co Jazz- Caramba da mi Vida
14. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Miguel Canta
15. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Comite Rock-a-Mambo
16. African Fiesta- Sey Sey
17. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Bolingo mpe Eskosaka
18. Ry-Co Jazz- Mambe
19. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Mi Paralitico

This week we have the second volume of Congo Ritmo (the first was a Rhythemes Africains epiosode). This one focuses on 50′s & 60′s Congolese rumba (with some bolero & cha cha as well).

In other news, the big Vintage Crates two year anniversary is coming in two weeks!

Vintage Crates Episode #80: Mind Trip: Soviet Gems

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This week’s show features funk, disco, and jazz gems from the former Soviet Union.

Vintage Crates Special Episode: Lady T

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This show is a tribute to Teena Marie who recently passed featuring a couple of our favorite Lady T joints.

This week’s show (Saturday) will feature Soviet jazz, disco, & funk from78′-88′, and  I guarantee pure fire.

Vintage Crates Episode #79: Holiday For Soul Dance

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Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Flavor)

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1. Toshiki Kadomatsu- Step Into The Light
2. Katsuhisa Hattori- 500,000,000 Jpn
3. Miki Sugimoto- 女番長流れ者
4. Kazu Matsui Project- Midnight Shuffle
5. Goto Yoshiko- Aquarius
6. Kimiko Kasai- I Felt You Glancin’
7. Yuji Ohno- Route 101
8. Tatsuro Yamashita- Daydream
9. Ryo Kawasaki- Trinkets & Things
10. Noriki- Do What You Do
11. Terumasa Hino- Send Me Your Feelings
12. Yellow Magic Orchestra- Simoon
13. Tatsuro Yamashita- Love Talkin’

This episode features strictly Japanese boogie, jazz/fusion, & a bit of bossa nova. I’m thinking this one could be a mini-series of it’s own! I tried my best with the kanji so my native Japanese speakers forgive any nonsensical translations.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 Holiday For Soul Dance (12/18/10)

Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Giftmix (…with love from Nova)

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1. Larry McGee Revolution- The Burg
2. Jay Berliner- Mr. Cool
3. Brief Encounter- We Want To Play
4. Leprechaun- Loc-It-Up
5. UK Players- So Good To Be Alive
6. Dayton- The Sound Of Music
7. Beaver & Krause- As I Hear It
8. Michel Boyibanda- Ven y ven y ven
9. Orchestre Rocamambo- Rumba Quiero
10. Rene Alvarez- Mi China Si
11. Mahotella Queens- Zwe Kumusha
12. Ted Sommer- Brazilian Nights
13. Brenda Lee Eager- When I’m With You
14. The Edwards Generation- You’re the One For Me
15. Midnight Movers, Unlimited- Lost For Words
16. Jerline & Friends- Joy Trip (part 1)
17. Cojo- Play It By Ear
18. Jaymz Bedford- Happy Music
19. Bridge- Turn To Love
20. Darwin’s Theory- I Love Everything About You
21. Robert Hall Productions- The Good Days

From Nova

This mix is for Js.One’s birthday next week, a mix of the type of joints he has in heavy rotation right now, maybe something for a spontaneous dance party. However, like the title suggests, this is the “gift-mix” and is also dedicated to all VC and [astral projects] fans ’cause music really is the best gift.

Thanks homie, this one has definitely got me gassed! Next week’s show will feature some of the best in Japanese boogie, jazz, & bossa nova, and the week after will be a special show: Episode #79: Holiday For Soul Dance featuring Sun Ra for your holiday.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Boogie, Jazz, & Bossa Nova) (12/11/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 Holiday For Soul Dance (12/18/10)

Vintage Crates Episode #76: Places & Faces

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1. Ella Fitzgerald- Manhattan
2. Les Baxter- Copacabana Surfboard
3. Erlon Chaves- The Girl From Paramarimbo
4. Roy Ayers- We Live In Brooklyn Baby
5. Pierro Piccioni- Mexican Dream/ Tears In Rome
6. Sun Ra- Autumn In New York
7. Syd Dale- Scene In Manhattan
8. Fred Bongusto- Spaghetti A Detroit
9. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti- Peking Strut
10. Alan Hawkshaw- Next Stop L.A
11. Franco Micalizzi- Flying To Miami
12. Silver Convention- San Francisco Hustle
13. Hi Tension- British Hustle
14. Incognito- Parisienne Girl

This week’s episode is a flight around the world, featuring mostly laid-back styles. In other news, there’s a new section for Stony, be sure to check out his personal blog if you haven’t already. Next week we’re gonna have another Nova guestmix for a special occasion…expect heat.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Gift Mix (Nova Guestmix) (12/04/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Boogie, Jazz, & Bossa Nova) (12/11/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 (12/18/10)