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Vintage Crates Episode #84: The Boogie Times vol.9

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1. Windjammer- Tossing And Turning
2. Sugar- Can’t Fight The Feeling
3. The Cool Notes- In Your Car
4. Darlene Davis- I Found Love
5. Affinity- Don’t Go Away
6. Major Harris- All My Life
7. Feel- I’d Like To
8. Atlantic Starr- Circles
9. The Cool Notes- I Don’t Wanna Stop
10. Jules Broussard- Got To Be The Only One

The Boogie Times is back this week with volume nine, be sure to catch up on the previous joints. Also, if you missed it, be sure to cop Year Two: Side B from last week. Next week will be another Nova special guestmix.

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  • Nova GuestMix (02/12/11)
  • The Librarian Confessions vol.6 (02/19/11)
  • Mind Trip: The Antillies
  • Legends Of The True-School vol.3

Vintage Crates Two Year Anniversary: Year Two (Complete)

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Side A:

1. Intro

The Boogie Times (Boogie Funk)
2. Lotti G- What’s It Worth
3. UK Players- No Way Out

Highlife (Disco)
4. The Sparkles- Trying To Get Over
5. Brief Encounter- Rocking

Nova’s Selects
6. Taj Mahal- Why?…And We Repeat Why?…And We Repeat!
7. Stop- I Can Feel It

Legends Of The True-School (Early Era Hip-Hop)
8. Family- Family Rap
9. The Flame & Dynamite Three- Work Your Body

Uptown Saturday Night (Funk)
10. The Notations- Super People
11. Bobby Williams- Funky Superfly (Part 1)

Mind Trip (International)
12. Karma- Blusa De Linho
13. Webert Sicot- Deux Guidons

Congo Ritmo (Congolese Rumba & Soukous)
14. Bantous De La Capitale- Bantous De La Capitale
15. Kabaselle w/ Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo- Besame Mucho Jaquelina

Rhythmes Africains (Various African)
16. Vincent N’Guini & Afro-Train- Ode To Hendrix
17. Rail Band- Nanthan

Side B:

The Librarian Confessions (Library)
1. Piero Umiliani- Marlowe
2. Anthony King- Filigree

Intermission/Forty Deuce Cinema (OST)
3. Dennis Coffey- Love Theme (Black Belt Jones)
4. Monk Higgins- Three Hoods (Sheba Baby)

La Città del Suono (Euro OST)
5. Francis Lai- Rapt
6. Piero Piccioni- Per Noi Due Soli

Let’s Get Lost (Jazz)
7. Nick Ayoub- Report From Cairo
8. Tenorio Jr- Inutil Paisagem

Fly Me To Brazil
9. Burnier & Cartier- Mirandolina
10. Mario Castro Nieves- Vem Balancar

The Riddim Selector (Reggae)
11. Michael Prophet- You Know I Love You
12. Pat Kelly- Queen Of The Minstrel

[astral projects] Originals
13. Together Brothers- The Next Time
14. Nova- Feelin’ Me
15. Together Brothers- Black Beauty

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  • The Boogie Times vol.9 (02/05/11)
  • Nova GuestMix (02/12/11)
  • The Librarian Confessions vol.6 (02/19/11)
  • Mind Trip: Haiti
  • Legends Of The True-School vol.3

Vintage Crates Year Two Coming Soon!

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The second Vintage Crates aniversary “Year Two” is coming this weekend. As with last year’s aniversary, it will be split into two parts: “Side A” (01/22/11), and “Side B” (01/29/11). Each of the two sides will feature joins from each Vintage Crates mini-series: “The Librarian Confessions”, “The Boogie Times”, “Rhythemes Africains”, The Riddim Selector”, “Mind Trip”, “Congo Ritmo”, [astral projects] Originals & more.

Vintage Crates Episode #82: La Città del Suono

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1. Gianni Oddi- Dreaming
2. Piero Piccioni- Nuovo Boom
3. Ennio Morricone- Citta Viva
4. Armando Trovaioli- Vivre Felici
5. Piero Piccioni- La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto
6. Arrmando Trovajoli- Masquerade
7. Vittorio Paltrinieri- Rhythm Of Life
8. Arrmando Trovajoli- Caccia Al Ladro
9. Ennio Moriconne- Agosto Jazz
10. Tito Fontana- Sweeden
11. Piero Piccioni- Genti e Paesi
12. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Roma Bene
13. Armando Trovaioli- La Famiglia Benvenuti
14. Ennio Morricone- Viva Il Jump Up
15. Piero Piccioni- Isabel
16. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Paranagua
17. Piero Piccioni- Samba Della Ruota

Next week’s show is Year Two! The official Vintage Crates anniversary show…more announcements coming soon!

Vintage Crates Episode# 81: Congo Ritmo vol.2: Rumba On The River

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1. OK Jazz- Motema na M.J.
2. Vicky et l’OK Jazz- A Moins Que Namikosa
3. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Linda-Linda
4. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Calu Wa Essous
5. Ry-Co Jazz- Bana Biafra
6. African Rock- Bolingo Etumbu
7. OK Jazz- Montema ya fa fa
8. African Fiesta- Arsene Dionge
9. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Mobembo Mabe Boye
10. Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Rock-a-Mambo
11. Brazzos et l’OK Jazz- Cuidado Cona Mallo
12.Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Nico & Rock-a-Mambo- Li dvo Maravilla
13. Ry-Co Jazz- Caramba da mi Vida
14. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Miguel Canta
15. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Comite Rock-a-Mambo
16. African Fiesta- Sey Sey
17. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Bolingo mpe Eskosaka
18. Ry-Co Jazz- Mambe
19. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Mi Paralitico

This week we have the second volume of Congo Ritmo (the first was a Rhythemes Africains epiosode). This one focuses on 50′s & 60′s Congolese rumba (with some bolero & cha cha as well).

In other news, the big Vintage Crates two year anniversary is coming in two weeks!

Vintage Crates Episode #80: Mind Trip: Soviet Gems

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This week’s show features funk, disco, and jazz gems from the former Soviet Union.

Vintage Crates Special Episode: Lady T

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This show is a tribute to Teena Marie who recently passed featuring a couple of our favorite Lady T joints.

This week’s show (Saturday) will feature Soviet jazz, disco, & funk from78′-88′, and  I guarantee pure fire.

Vintage Crates Episode #79: Holiday For Soul Dance

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Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Flavor)

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1. Toshiki Kadomatsu- Step Into The Light
2. Katsuhisa Hattori- 500,000,000 Jpn
3. Miki Sugimoto- 女番長流れ者
4. Kazu Matsui Project- Midnight Shuffle
5. Goto Yoshiko- Aquarius
6. Kimiko Kasai- I Felt You Glancin’
7. Yuji Ohno- Route 101
8. Tatsuro Yamashita- Daydream
9. Ryo Kawasaki- Trinkets & Things
10. Noriki- Do What You Do
11. Terumasa Hino- Send Me Your Feelings
12. Yellow Magic Orchestra- Simoon
13. Tatsuro Yamashita- Love Talkin’

This episode features strictly Japanese boogie, jazz/fusion, & a bit of bossa nova. I’m thinking this one could be a mini-series of it’s own! I tried my best with the kanji so my native Japanese speakers forgive any nonsensical translations.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 Holiday For Soul Dance (12/18/10)

Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Giftmix (…with love from Nova)

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1. Larry McGee Revolution- The Burg
2. Jay Berliner- Mr. Cool
3. Brief Encounter- We Want To Play
4. Leprechaun- Loc-It-Up
5. UK Players- So Good To Be Alive
6. Dayton- The Sound Of Music
7. Beaver & Krause- As I Hear It
8. Michel Boyibanda- Ven y ven y ven
9. Orchestre Rocamambo- Rumba Quiero
10. Rene Alvarez- Mi China Si
11. Mahotella Queens- Zwe Kumusha
12. Ted Sommer- Brazilian Nights
13. Brenda Lee Eager- When I’m With You
14. The Edwards Generation- You’re the One For Me
15. Midnight Movers, Unlimited- Lost For Words
16. Jerline & Friends- Joy Trip (part 1)
17. Cojo- Play It By Ear
18. Jaymz Bedford- Happy Music
19. Bridge- Turn To Love
20. Darwin’s Theory- I Love Everything About You
21. Robert Hall Productions- The Good Days

From Nova

This mix is for Js.One’s birthday next week, a mix of the type of joints he has in heavy rotation right now, maybe something for a spontaneous dance party. However, like the title suggests, this is the “gift-mix” and is also dedicated to all VC and [astral projects] fans ’cause music really is the best gift.

Thanks homie, this one has definitely got me gassed! Next week’s show will feature some of the best in Japanese boogie, jazz, & bossa nova, and the week after will be a special show: Episode #79: Holiday For Soul Dance featuring Sun Ra for your holiday.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Boogie, Jazz, & Bossa Nova) (12/11/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 Holiday For Soul Dance (12/18/10)