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Vintage Crates Special: Beauty In Flight [prod. by Js.One]

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This week we have an all new mix for October featuring brand new Js.One productions. We have a taste of some new solo Js.One as well as Nova, Stony Watson, & Together Bros. in mellow funk and boogie flavors.

“We’ve got so many projects currently in production that have joints featured on the last three mixes. This new period of creativity is beauty in flight. We’re proud of it, I hope you feel it as much as we do.” -Js.One


Vintage Crates Special: ASTRALSOUND Abstract Vibes Number One

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This special VC episode is essentially a preview mix of some joints from the newly established ASTRALSOUND Music Library release Abstract Vibes No.1: Unusual Beat Sounds Fantasy. Next week we’re back with some Rhythemes Africains Volume Six: Senegal.

Together Bros. Exclusive ‘Burden Of Dreams’ Demos Mix

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The only real positive thing to come from the unexpected hiatus was extra time spent on the new project. This mix is a first here @ [astral projects] in that, I never release demos before the completed album. However, I’m  feelin’ the Js.One/Nova collab ‘Together Brothers to be fire, and as such here is the exclusive preview mix. The album ‘Burden of Dreams’ will drop mid-April.

Vintage Crates Episode #26: The Boogie Times vol.5

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1. Van Jones- Let’s Go This Go
2. Kwick- Night Life
3. The Mad Lads- You Blew It
4. Toni Smith- I Like The Way It Feels
5. Fat Larry’s Band- Party After Midnight
6. Raven- So In Love
7. Michael Sterling- Desperate
8. Glenn Jones- Love Intensity
9. Dynasty- Give Love To Me
10. Shock- Each And Every Day
11. The Antillies- Let’s Get It On
12. Wish feat. La-Rita Gaskin- Nice & Soft


After five volumes of ‘The Boogie Times, this may very well be the last one…for a while at least. As mentioned before, as fall sets in, we’re feeling different vibes for future VC episodes. With that said, I think this episode is back to back bangers. Probably the apex of ‘The Boogie Times‘ mini-series.

In other [astral projects] related news, there is currently a new ‘Nova record in production, with a single that should be released in a couple weeks, so look for that on the horizon.

Vintage Crates Episode #23: “Eu Vim Da Bahia: Bossa Nova & Brasilian Jazz”

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  1. Tom Jobim & Muicha- Comigo e Assim
  2. Joao Gilberto- Eu Vim Da Bahia
  3. Chico Buarque- Carolina
  4. Marcos Valle- The Face I Love
  5. Moacir Santos- Luanne
  6. The Bossa Three- Menina Feia
  7. Emilio Santiago- Tristeza de Nos Dois
  8. Sonia Rosa- Paraquinho Do Meu Bairro
  9. Os Cinco-Pados- Sete Contos
  10. Antonio Carlos Jobim- Remember
  11. Elis Regina- Voce
  12. Lisa Ono- So Danco Samba
  13. Nico Gomez- O Barqhuinho
  14. Marcos Valle- Samba de Verao 2
  15. Hermento Pascual- Clerenice
  16. Joao Gilberto- Aquarela do Brasil

Stream/Download Here

Starting to turn fall, which is our favorite season over here at [ap]. Be on the look out for some jazz themed episodes on the horizon. Don’t forget to cop Cassanova Brown’s debut LP ‘Supernova‘, available for a limited time for free!

Vintage Crates Episode #:22 The Boogie Times Vol.3

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  1. Fat Larry’s Band- Looking For Love
  2. Dynasty- Day And Night
  3. Michael Henderson- Do It All
  4. Katie Kissoon- You’re the One
  5. Roger Troutman- I Keep Tryin’
  6. Odyssey- Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
  7. The Sylvers- Heart Repair Man
  8. Xavier- What Goes Around
  9. Karin Jones- So Right
  10. Phil Fearon- Dancing Tight
  11. Serge Ponsar- Lifetime

Stream / Download

I was gonna throw in a Brazilian jazz show before this one, but I could get the art as crisp as it should be. Although I like banging out this Boogie Times episodes

Vintage Crates Special Episode: Cassanova Brown Guestmix

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  1. Gloria Gaynor- Casanova Brown
  2. James Duke- Hold On
  3. Magic Lady- Give It Up
  4. Alfonzo Jones- Girl, You Are The One
  5. Marz- Make It Right
  6. Ozone- Strutt My Thang
  7. Shock- Got To Have Your Love
  8. Inner Life- I Picked A Winner
  9. Cassanova Brown- Going My Way (Instrumental)
  10. Dynasty- Love In The Fast Lane
  11. High Fasion- Hold On
  12. Cherelle- I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (Instrumental
  13. Cassanova Brown- (Go ‘Head) Boogie Down

Stream/Download Here

I recently asked ‘Nova to do a mix for Vintage Crates. With his debut record ‘Supernova‘ coming out in about two weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to let ya’ll know exactly where he’s coming from. Although, I gotta say after listening to it the first time myself, it sounded like it could be another volume of ‘The Boogie Times‘. I guess that just means we’re on the same page right now, plus that just how he gets down.

Coming Soon:

VC Episode #22: ‘Eu Vim Da Bahia: Bossa nova & Brasilian Jazz’

The Boogie Times vol.3

Cassanova Brown- ‘Supernova

[astral projects] Certified Bangers vol.2 Worldwide Release!

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certified bangers vol.2

Volume 2 of the Certified Bangers series. The vast majority of these joints are never brefore heard, and to be used in upcoming [ap] projects.
1. On The Rise
2. Modern Times
3. Delirious
4. Je Ne Sais Quoi
5. Dope City
6. Twilight
7. Stretchin’ Out (from ‘Time Has Come’)
8. Touch The Stars (from ‘Forever Inside’ EP)
9. Infinite Love (from ‘thejoyinside’ EP)
You can stream/download the album here