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Vintage Crates Future/Vintage: On The Rise

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 This week we’ve got a Future/Vintage episode for March. Next week it’s episode #175.

Projects on the horizon:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #175 [03/16/13]
  • The NubiansChanging With The Times [TBA]
  • Nova [Untitled Project] [TBA]

Vintage Crates Episode #173: Future/Vintage ‘New Skies’ [prod. Js.One]

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February’s Future/Vintage episode. This one has a jam-ish vibe, with a bit of new jack swing, jazz/jazz-funk, & boogie. Some new [ap] flavor for your week.

Projects on the horizion:

  • The NubiansChanging With The Times [March 2013]
  • Nova [Untitled Project] [March 2013]

Vintage Crates Year Four [Complete]

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Side A

The Boogie Times
1. Intriuge- No Turning Back
2. Evelyn King- Get Up Off Your Love
Highlife (Disco)
3. Vance & Suzzanne – I Can’t Get Along Without You
4. Strange Affair- Don’t Stop The Music
Nova’s Selects
5. Universal Robot Band- Love And Understanding
6. Roy Ayers- Love Fantasy
Stony’s Selects
7.S.O.L.A.R- Faith For My Mind
8. Lonnie Liston Smith- In The Park
Js.One’s Selects
9. Bunny Brunel- Listen Now
10. Richard Schneider jr.- Samba Trip

Side B

The Librarian Confessions
1. Wojchiech Karolak & Zbigniew Kalemba- Fever
2. Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw- Alto Glide
La Donna Nel Mundo (Italian Soundtracks)
3. Piero Piccioni- Primo Tradimento Seq. 19 & 22
4. Amedeo Tommasi- Thomas
Aquarela Do Brasil
5. Orlandivo- Bolinha de sabão
6. Luiz Bonfá- Luzes do Rio
Dreamflow (Abstract)
7. Harold Budd- Madrigals Of The Rose Angel
8.Fripp & Eno- Evensong
AP Originals (Selections from The Many Colors of [astral projects])
9. Nova- Swoon
10. Astralsound Orchestra- The Theme
11. The Nubians- Affinity

This is our complete four year Vintage Crates anniversary show featuring sections based on previous shows or series. If you’ve missed previous years, you can check out One, Two & Three.

Projects on the horizion:

  • The NubiansChanging With The Times [February 2013]
  • Nova [Untitled Project] [March 2013]

Vintage Crates Future/Vintage: The Next Level [prod. Js.One]

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Future/Vintage is the new series title for the monthly Js.One produced episodes. Each show contains exclusive joints either produced specifically for the individual episode or as a preview of an upcoming project. This month’s episodes is comprised of a boogie blend and a fresh Js.One/Les Etoiles collab.

In other news:

Vintage Crates Year Four begins NEXT WEEK with Side A!

  • Vintage Crates Year Four [01/19/13]
  • The NubiansChanging With The Times [January/February 2013]
  • Nova [Untitled Project] [February/March 2013]

The Many Colors of [astral projects] [Official Release]

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The Many Colors of [astral projects] (Collection 2012)

1. Les Etoiles- Windswept
2. Nova- Feel Your Vibrations
3. The Nubians- Now’s The Time
4. Astralsound Orchestra- The Theme
5. The Nubians- Whirlwind
6. Js.One- Ya’ll Don’t Hear Me
7. Nova- Swoon
8. Together Brothers- Insight
9. Js.One- Waiting…
10. Astralsound Orchestra- The Breakdown
11. Astralsound Orchestra- Into The Night
12. Astralsound Orchestra- Color Transitions
13. Nova- Out Of My Mind
14. The Nubians- Affinity
15. Les Etoiles- The Ecstacy Of Sound

Js.One: Rhodes, Synths, Drums
Stony Watson: Organ, Bass, Percussion
Nova: Synths, Drum Machine, Keyboards
Les Etoiles: Mellotron, Ambience, Effects
Astralsound Orchestra: Horns, Guitar
Composition, Arrangement, & Production by Js.One

I’m very proud to announce the official release of The Many Colors of [astral projects]. This album is the culmination of ideas materialized in 2012. Styles range from mellow funk, to boogie, to disco, to jazz-funk, to hypnagogic.

Characterized by swirling organs, warm Rhodes, vintage synths,  and syncopated bass, this collection stands as the most advanced work from [astral projects] Records thus far, and as a sampler of the featured artists’ upcoming projects in the next few months.

Hi-res art .pdf files come with the digital release. Or if you prefer a physical copy there will be a limited edition disc that might come with some more surprises so you can get your copy. Also, if you purchase a physical copy, you’ll get a free digital copy as well. In the next couple weeks we’ll be expanding into more popular online music stores.

As mentioned before, every track here is part of a larger project from each individual artists. This collection stands as a sort of jumping off point of our new development. For instance, The Nubians record (Changing With The Times) will be released in late January, upon which point there will be some more announcements.

With all that said, I’m sure you’ll feel this joint as much as I do. -Js.One

Vintage Crates Exclusive Episode: The Gift Of Sound [prod. Js.One]

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1. Nova- Feel Your Vibrations
2. Les Etoiles- Windswept
3. Nova- Swoon
4.The Astralsound Orchestra- The Breakdown
5. The Nubians- Now’s The Time
6. The Astral Sound Orchestra- Atmospheric Funk
7.The Astral Sound Orchestra- The Theme (Wherever I Go)
8. Js.One- Waiting…
9. Les Etoiles- The Ecstasy Of Sound

Stony on the mix this week with an exclusive episode, this year’s giftmix for Js.One’s birthday. This one features a sampling of original material produced  and/or written by Js.One in 2012 in collaboration with all [ap] musicians. Definitely the jazzy/funkish/boogie/melodic vibe we’ve been on lately. Some completely unheard joints, and some new mixes of a couple tracks featured in VC episodes. What is important to be noted is that none of these tracks has an official album release yet…we have many projects in the works, which brings me to my next announcement.

This episode also serves as a promo for the upcoming release of a project highlighting the collected works of [astral projects] in 2012, which we feel is our best year yet. Many new strides of creativity were made in the last twelve months. Expect an online release around Christmas. More details coming soon!

Also, we have the return of  a couple classic Vintage Crates series for the next two weeks.

Projects on the horizon (Thru-January):

  • Various Artists- The Many Colors Of [astral projects] Records (Collection 2012)
  • The Nubians- Changing With The Times

Projects secheduled beyond January 2013:

  • Nova- (Untitled Project)
  • The Astralsound Orchestra- (Untitled Project)

Vintage Crates Special: Beauty In Flight [prod. by Js.One]

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This week we have an all new mix for October featuring brand new Js.One productions. We have a taste of some new solo Js.One as well as Nova, Stony Watson, & Together Bros. in mellow funk and boogie flavors.

“We’ve got so many projects currently in production that have joints featured on the last three mixes. This new period of creativity is beauty in flight. We’re proud of it, I hope you feel it as much as we do.” -Js.One


Vintage Crates Special: Summer Dreams Part Two

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This week we have the second part of Summer Dreams featuring boogie, funk, and disco-ish joints produced by Js.One