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The Many Colors of [astral projects] [Official Release]

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The Many Colors of [astral projects] (Collection 2012)

1. Les Etoiles- Windswept
2. Nova- Feel Your Vibrations
3. The Nubians- Now’s The Time
4. Astralsound Orchestra- The Theme
5. The Nubians- Whirlwind
6. Js.One- Ya’ll Don’t Hear Me
7. Nova- Swoon
8. Together Brothers- Insight
9. Js.One- Waiting…
10. Astralsound Orchestra- The Breakdown
11. Astralsound Orchestra- Into The Night
12. Astralsound Orchestra- Color Transitions
13. Nova- Out Of My Mind
14. The Nubians- Affinity
15. Les Etoiles- The Ecstacy Of Sound

Js.One: Rhodes, Synths, Drums
Stony Watson: Organ, Bass, Percussion
Nova: Synths, Drum Machine, Keyboards
Les Etoiles: Mellotron, Ambience, Effects
Astralsound Orchestra: Horns, Guitar
Composition, Arrangement, & Production by Js.One

I’m very proud to announce the official release of The Many Colors of [astral projects]. This album is the culmination of ideas materialized in 2012. Styles range from mellow funk, to boogie, to disco, to jazz-funk, to hypnagogic.

Characterized by swirling organs, warm Rhodes, vintage synths,  and syncopated bass, this collection stands as the most advanced work from [astral projects] Records thus far, and as a sampler of the featured artists’ upcoming projects in the next few months.

Hi-res art .pdf files come with the digital release. Or if you prefer a physical copy there will be a limited edition disc that might come with some more surprises so you can get your copy. Also, if you purchase a physical copy, you’ll get a free digital copy as well. In the next couple weeks we’ll be expanding into more popular online music stores.

As mentioned before, every track here is part of a larger project from each individual artists. This collection stands as a sort of jumping off point of our new development. For instance, The Nubians record (Changing With The Times) will be released in late January, upon which point there will be some more announcements.

With all that said, I’m sure you’ll feel this joint as much as I do. -Js.One

Vintage Crates Special: Astralsound

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This one is a special preview/demo of some of the fresh joints the 2012 [astral projects] roster has in the works. It’s also a promotion of the new [astral projects] Sound Library ‘ASTRALSOUND’ of which more info will be available soon.

Le Soleil et Les Etoiles ‘Battement du coeur’ Released

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1. Battement du coeur
2. La Lune
3. Learn To Cool Down
4. Every Morning When I Wake Up
5. Stole My Heart
6. Keeping In Touch
7. Pictures Of You
8. Un ambianceur
9. I’ll Keep On Trying
10. Stuck Inside My Head
11. Accepting The Pain
12. Beginning To See The Beauty Of The World
13. Goodbye To The Past
14. I Don’t Know Why I Do
15. Trying To Forget 01:18
16. Reason For Living 01:03
17. If I Ever See The Sun Again 00:40
18. Sunrays 01:31

First recordings of Le Soleil et Les Etoiles du [astral projects] Records. Depicting sketches of aural poetry. Led by beats of the heart.Official drop.

Vintage Crates Episode #123: Music In My Head & New [astral projects] Project

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1. The Cool Notes- Music In My Head
2. Le Soleil et Les Etoiles- La Lune
3. Eboni Band- Sing A Happy Song Shake It On Down
4. Joe Bataan y Los Fulanos- Gipsy Woman
5. Mellow Madness Band Boogie with the M
6. B.B.P. (Business Before Pleasure) – Funk You
7. Casual T- Hands Off
8. Positive Motivation – Motivating Music
9. Bachelor – Go For It
10. Vince Guaraldi- Forgive Me if I’m Late
11. Gary Pacific Orchestra – Soft Wind
12. Zack Laurence- Delightful Ways
13. Roy Meriwether- Me and Mrs. Jones
14. The Visitors- Naima
15. Arnaud Rodrigues- Lot

Also, introducing Le Soleil et Les Etoiles, or for short Les Etoiles as the newest addition to the [astral projects] fam. Here are two demo tracks from their upcoming record:

La Lune (Demo):

If I Ever See The Sun Again (Demo):

More on these cats in the next couple days.